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Hopper predicts prices with 95% accuracy up to 1 year in advance. No ads, no spam, no stress — just accurate predictions and the easiest way to book and save, analyzes billions of prices daily to predict how prices will change, and tells you whether to buy or wait. Save up to 40% on your next flight. Hopper has helped 30 million travelers book trips around the world, saving them more than $1.8 billion to date. The Hopper app will monitor prices for you and you can book in just a few taps.

On February 2020 an angry costumer wote a review for sitejabber, he said Hopper is the worst app ever!: Never again taking advice from a friend who recommended this darn awful bunny hopping bs! I had entered all my information, scheduled my flight, and hit enter. Seconds later, I was informed with an apology, "Sorry something went wrong, please try again" Which I did but the problem happened again. I checked with my bank, and found out I was charged. I tried to contact hopper's customer service but kept directing me to their website with a list of what answers to whatever questions or problems ones have.


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DB says

"I have never had a good experience with Hopper. First, they insisted on keeping all the money for a cancelled flight in violation of their own refund policy. They make it impossible to call them, so working with them takes a hellish week of emails. OK, why not give them one more shot? That\'s what I thought this month when I redownloaded the app, HUGE MISTAKE. Their prediction on a flight to Boston was so completely wrong. I waited an extra two weeks to book a flight on the app\'s recommendation that prices would drop. Guess what prices only ROSE and they just kept extending the date to buy. So not only is the customer service bad, the product does not even work as advertised. I deleted the app again, definitely forever this time."

Chantal says

"They didn’t even give me the price I paid for "

Barry axel says

"My girlfriend tried to book me a flight and hotel for a surprise birthday trip and they stole her money and said booking could not be complete , they are ridiculous idk why they would take money out account if booking is incomplete I’m so pissed off right now"

Beverly Howie Brewer says

"This company is a COMPLETE SCAM IM SO PISSED THEYVE STOLEN $300 FROM A “frozen” flight."

Donette Holliday says

"We booked a trip last year 2020 through Hopper. Unfortunately, we had to cancel due to Covid. I submitted a request to Hopper to reschedule our flight as we have rebooked for 2021. The auto system stated they would contact me within 24 hours and that was on Dec. 30. I have tried calling two different numbers that I found and cannot get ahold of anyone. This will be the last time I will use Hopper; and I won't be recommending them anyone else as I have in the past!"

Kristen Meetze says

"BUYER BEWARE!! Scam. Not even worth 1 star. i had 4 flights booked and they were cancelled due to covid. I was issued future travel credits instead of a refund. BUT it is impossible to rebook a flight using these “credits”! And no one responds to my requests for help. They’ve stolen my money. So sad."

Abby O says

"I purchased 2 flights for Germany in September 2019 from Hopper. I had to cancel my flights due to COVID 19. Hopper canceled my flights and said they would follow up with me about my credits. I tried calling and emailing and they never responded. I tried using their chat feature and they never got back to me. Finally on 7/20/2020 I got an email stating that I had a credit of $1,342.46 for my flights. I tried contacting Hopper to obtain the credits and there was no record of credits on my account and there was no way to ask them. They again didn't respond and won't list a phone number. I tried contacting the airlines directly to see if the credit was with them and the airlines said that they didn't even have my flights on record. I followed up with my credit card company and they said that I have to go through the merchant, Hopper. Hopper has made it impossible to contact them about my credit and has not followed up on any of the communications I have sent through. I am an experienced traveler and go overseas a couple times every year. I will never use Hopper to purchase anything related to travel again. I am very disappointed that they scammed me out of $1,342.46 and refuse to contact me after many attempts."

Maria says

"If I could give less stars I would!!! DO NOT USE THIS APP! The app appears to be so full of customer service till you actually book something, then there is ZERO way to get any help at all. The phone numbers don't work, the email comes back as "no longer monitored" I am now trying to withdraw money from my account to make sure I'm not booked for this flight since there is zero way to get ahold of anyone & my bank can't stop funds from being withdrawn. I will not chance it. How do you rate customer service when it is simply not offered. I am frustrated and will never ever use them again, even if flight was only $40."

Lindsay says

"I have written to Hopper 6-yes, 6!- times about rescheduling my flights to Hawaii that were canceled due to COVID. No one responds, there's no number to call- nothing! I am SO FRUSTRATED with them and wish I didn't go this route! I've used Priceline many times and will be sticking with them from now in. Don't use Hopper-you'll regret it!"

chelsea Gammage says

"Booked w/hopper could not check in mistaken identity... IDK that happened but needs less to say why to contact Hoper! Found and email option in app took a little over an hour to answer .... All they could do is give me a refund 2weeks from now mean I had to sleep in my car!!!!!!"

Adele York says

"Great to book cheap flights. Easy to cancel. Apalling to get in touch with. Once you've located the contact form in the app, which is difficult to find. Just received automated response with no customer service option. I was stuck with travel credit for $1221 that I couldn't use. Airline wouldn't refund as I'd booked through Hopper. Hopper never responded to several attempts over months of trying!"

Tori says

"Like many others, we bought 2 round tickets to Portugal and when covid hit we were unable to go. With months of effort we have been unable to get a refund for them, or even find a working customer service phone #. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone."

Lettie Spivey says

"Stay away if you cancel your flight; you'll never get your money back even if you Brought travel insurance."

Bailey says

"I purchased a flight through hopper last March as I was in India.... I had three attached flights booked together to get home everyone of these flights got canceled I heard nothing from hopper they did not respond to my emails or to any concerns and they never gave my money back still to this day!! I ended up having to purchase another flight with a different company. This is a terrible company. I would never book here again and would suggest to put your money else where. Disgraceful."

Niekka Barnes says

"I loved hopper until recently. The airline issues my refund to hopper weeks ago and I have yet to receive it. I have utilized the chat feature numerous times to no avail."

george hanny says

"Scam! They take your price freeze deposit and when you try to book a flight, it says ‘technical error’, thereby stopping you from being able to book your flight and they take your deposit. It’s the same card I used to price freeze that’s I tried to use in booking the flight but this time it’s technical error ? Ok. No customer service! DO NOT USE!!!!!"

Mick Brixton says

"They take your money, but the App is broken and customer support non-existent.

Hopper's "Price Freeze" allows hold a price for 14 days for a small deposit. But when you try to book, the the app tells you that there is "no availability" on those flights and will not let you book anything else.

You cannot contact Hopper for support--by any means, because you do not yet have a booking. Catch 22!

Hopper is well aware of this error. After much searching an article on their site suggests you book the flights--which are in fact available, but at inflated prices--and then wait for them to "reach out" to you. In a week or so.

How can anyone have confidence in a company that allows customers to continue to pay them money using a broken feature?

I will continue with this process on the basis that if Hopper fail to come through I can contact American Express for a refund.

But whatever they do, Hopper should be very clear: I wil never ever pay them any money or book through them again.

The message is clear: by all means use Hopper for information, but book direct."

Sara says

"A complete scam of a company. My flight was cancelled due to the pandemic, and Easyjet sent the refund to Hopper. They have not given me the refund I'm owed. I've tried contacting their customer services several times over the past three months. No response at all. I appreciate that times are difficult at the moment, but Hopper have received my refund and are profiting from not returning it. No contact from them about this is inexcusable. Avoid."

TK Hulon says

"I booked flights last spring to Chicago and paid extra for “insurance” so that I would get my money back if I had to cancel my flight. Due to COVId I did have to cancel my trip and despite paying extra for the “refundable ticket plan” Hopper refuses to give me my money back, simply stating I have “credit” with the airline. Obviously if credit with the airline was acceptable to me, I would not have paid extra to ensure my flight would be refundable!"

Nora says

"The prices will say one thing, they will try to charge you whatever made up prices they want. Horrible customer service, only respond via email around 1-3 am once every 24hrs. Each time a new person if they even respond. If you would like to spend money on nothing but poorly written emails this is the website for you. Never received any tickets! Do not GIVE AWAY any of your money to them"

Amanda says

"Absolutely terrible, do not give your money to them. I am waiting for a response from November, disgraceful. My return flight was cancelled & I had to book from another airline... heard nothing from hopper till today 09.01.21."

Petergay Holmes says

"Hopper sent me to a hotel with roaches and dirt to filled pillows and Mattress.. hometown suite in Orlando is a dumpster.. they are very nasty and rundown.. I will try to get to the mayor so that place can be demolished.. I stood in the room for less than a minute and they still charge me for 2 nights"

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